What makes raw different?


A Gym like no other in the area, we have a strong emphasis on RESULTS, offering great value personal training, transformation packages and group conditioning focused on aesthetic development. 

What we do isn’t luck, it’s a proven train­ing sys­tem we at RAW have developed that gives you results in a very short space of time! It’s a ready and will­ing com­mit­ment between client and trainer, if you are ready to suc­ceed we are will­ing to ensure you do.

At RAW we limit mem­ber­ship avail­abil­ity, so to ensure we get the best results from our clients we only accept the most ded­i­cated, moti­vated and results focused indi­vid­u­als. 

What other gym gives you a full Train­ing and Nutri­tional Plan updated every 3 months to ensure that you hit all of your fit­ness tar­gets as part of your stan­dard mem­ber­ship pack­age, the option of 24 hour access, highly qualified personal trainers with a long list of previous client transformation successes on hand to advise you on all aspects of your training and nutrition.

Our friendly and knowl­edge­able staff will never inter­fere in your train­ing, but will always be on hand if you require assis­tance be it, a pad man, a spot­ter for when your push­ing your mus­cles to their limit, or just a piece of advice that could be the key to you unlock­ing your body’s full potential.

The gym boasts a large area for strength and physique devel­op­ment with dumb­bells from 2.5kg to 60kg, fully com­mer­cial equipment from Watson, Power fabrications Pullum and Hammer Strength.

LEG KIT: Pullum Pendulum Squat, Watson Glute Ham & Hip extension, Powerfabs Leg Press, Plate Loaded Leg Exten­sion, Laying & Standing Ham­string Curls, Hack Squat, Watson Seated Calf Raise, 2  x Func­tional racks, Watson Selectorised Adductor.

PUSH KIT: Multiple Adjustable DB Benches, Powefabs Animal Ultimate Flat Bench With Spotting Arms, Heavy Duty Incline Bench, 2x Powerfabs Savage Cable Cross Overs,  Dip Sta­tion, Preacher Curl Bench, Peck Deck Fly, Seated Shoulder Press, Smith Machine & over 1000 kg of Olympic weight plates and 400 kg of Olympic Bumper Plates.

PULL KIT: Powerfabs Isolat pull down, Mid Back Row, Multi Lat Row, Watson Hex Bars and Multi grip Bars. Powerfabs Preacher Curl Bench,. not to mention our dedicated astro­turf area where all our cir­cuits take place with a pull-up rig, Spin Bikes, Concept2 Ski-erg prowler sleds and sledgehammers.  

We pride our­selves on the fact that we offer some­thing for any­one, from the woman on the street hop­ing to shift that muffin-top to the out and out pro­fes­sional fighter.


We are a results-focused train­ing facil­ity spe­cial­is­ing in Body Transformations. Our transformations speak for themselves. 

Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 06.30 - 13.30/16.30 - 21.00

Saturday: 09.00 - 16.00

Sunday and Bank Holidays: 09.00 - 14.00

Link to our class timetable here.


We know that not every­body has the same fit­ness goals, so we have devel­oped a range of Mem­ber­ship Pack­ages in order to cater for indi­vid­ual needs and bud­gets. From sim­ple no non­sense gym access, to a full and indi­vid­ual train­ing and nutri­tional plan with reg­u­lar con­tact with a PT and unlim­ited use of all our great equip­ment and classes. 

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